Multilevellearning – teaching method which is based on synesthesia, or engaging all the senses in the process of remembering, storage and playback of information. This method makes it easier to acquire knowledge and store it longer in the memory.
In multilevellearning, we use different techniques and forms of work supported by modern, multimedia teaching tools. The essence of the effectiveness of this method is the impact they have on the human body, e.g. The colors, the sounds, the ability to simultaneously read and hear the words and see photos or videos depicting the debated issue.
The diversity of stimuli reaching the students allows to effectively acquire new batch of material for both visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.
Multilevellearning method uses multi-level learning process that involves not only the awareness, but the subconscious. Joseph Murphy described how significant is the impact of the subconscious on the process of perception of people, information, and events. "If you think about the good, good will come of it, and bad thoughts bring evil. For this - and nothing else - is the functioning of your mind. ". By stimulating the subconscious mind to create positive images, we cause to strengthen the effectiveness of the learning process. Affirmative attitude directly affects the achievement of the state of relaxation, increased motivation to work and belief in the possibility of attaining the objective pursued. These factors, together with appropriate music, are essential to increase the amount of alpha waves produced by the brain. It induces a state of relaxation, adequate to that feel just before falling asleep and just after waking up and which is used in the techniques of accelerated learning.
Multilevellearning is also based on Mnemotechniques: simple, complex, interactive image method, "words-hangers" method, places method and thought maps. Tony Buzan describes the effectiveness of the above methods, whose main objective is to link new information with the pre-existing knowledge and the use of imagination.
After 24 hours from finishing learning, we forget approx. 80% of the new material. Therefore, it is extremely important to achieve stability of knowledge by a properly designed system of repetitions. Courses conducted by multilevellearning methods are developed so as to take into account not only the appropriate distribution of the material, but also the schedule of repeats (after 24 hours, a week, a month).
Many centers use multilevellearning in order to achieve a high level of teaching effectiveness. Monitoring and evaluation of trainings and courses confirms the effectiveness of this method both in the education of young people and adults.